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dc.contributor.authorDalsbø, Gjøri Larsdatter
dc.description.abstractAbstract This thesis researches if there is a correlation between gaming and reduction in loneliness. Gaming hours have increased since COVID-19 came, worldwide the number of time spent on video games was up by 36% (Statista, 2020). Loneliness is also increasing, “Folkehelseinstituttet” conducted a survey; data showed that loneliness among students was high, and those who lived in Bergen and Oslo had the highest levels of loneliness. (FHI, 2020) Data from the survey conducted for this thesis shows that participants see gaming as sosial, they form long lasting relationships that get them through tough times. Though this thesis survey only has data based on self reported gaming hours, not actual numbers it can be used as a base for further studies. The data shows participation stating that gaming has helped multiple people in reducing loneliness, being social and other aspects of lives, before COVID-19. They report that this has been amplified during the pandemic.en_US
dc.publisherHøgskulen i Voldaen_US
dc.titleGaming, a cure for loneliness?en_US
dc.typeBachelor thesisen_US

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